Sunday, July 20

What lingers?

"The night is quiet, and getting quieter; and such is life I suppose," said the soft old man breathing wounded in his chest. He wrapped himself tightly in a young stiff coat. He heard above him the echo of the wind in the leaves of the trees, a whisper of the heavens; he felt nothing on his skin, but labored beneath it.

'The morrow,' he thought. 'The morrow will come, and with it a crushing blow. And what does it matter, for this reason or that, for soon it will go, and become yesterday you know...He laughed, halfheartedly, and realized how tired he had become.
"The world is too much with us, late and soon..."
The words lingered all around him...


I hate the word.

Saturday, July 12

Camping at Jackson Lake

Camped at Jackson Lake last night, overall it was a success. We got there and setup camp, had lunch, and then jumped on the boat the Nalens had rented. All the kids got a ride on the tube and then I was about to do my solo when the boat broke down. So we then just waited for about an hour till the park rangers towed us across the lake and then debated with the rental office to convince them that it was not "operator error." The lake was nice and warm so that was cool, BUT I have never swam in water that was THAT filled with algea. I mean it was like algae soup out there, it was almost like swimming through grass it was so thick. But hey we did it :)

Here is me cooking breakfast this morning, eggs and bacon

We were just talking by the fire, the night was really nice, I never played anything, just practiced my cords mostly.

Katie and Kennedi

Dunno there are a lot of pictures that I really just don't like at all the way I look in them, this is one of them. Not good - but hey... what ya gonna do, Carter looks good.

This was this morning, still trying to wake up and stretch my back a little, it didn't like the air mattress for some reason.

Ellie found a tiny frog on this trail.

From Gene to Dad

This picture was made by my uncle Gene and shared with the family today. His note with the image was:
"Lonnie, was my older brother. He passed away 30 years ago. He was the kind of brother that everyone would love to have. He set the example of what every son, brother, father and husband should be. There was nothing that meant more to him than his family. I really miss you bro. You are my Hero"

Pink Floyd - New Album - October 2014

This IS the greatest news since 1994!

Tony Grove

Playing in the lake at Tony Grove with all the families