Tuesday, January 20

irony in the storm

the one who leaves, is allowed to stay
the one who would never leave, is removed

Monday, January 19

Random stuff

The Sunday school class I teach, VERY EXCITED!

Ellie at the spelling bee - she made it through 8 rounds, which is AWESOME!


Monday, January 5

New Years Resolutions - 2015

  • FITNESS :: Started a program tonight called T-25
  • HEALTH :: Limit soda consumption, 1-2 per week
  • SPIRITUAL :: Harness the law of the fast
  • WRITING :: Finish my book and self publish
  • GUITAR :: Learn 2 more songs

Monday, December 29


A few more pictures from work, the NA CRM leadership team made a customer site visit.

Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas

I don't know why, but I always wanted one of these "Frankie Says Relax" t-shirts - the back says "Don't Do It" and if you don't know this reference take a trip back to the 80's and watch this
Got a great scarf from Brayden, it will go perfect with the wool coat I got to go over my suit coats when I am dressed up

Wednesday, December 24

inside our dream

inside our dream, is a delicate ring,
without a beginning or end,
forged with a strength, proven at length,
and held by an intimate friend,

crafted in love, from God up above,
a miracle in passion and flame,
inside it a thread, a bleeding heart bled,
waiting for one who would claim,

the one i call Eve, in whom i believe,
lives among angels in white,
touch within skin, reveals what has been,
and deepens desire at night,

inside of we, is the magical key,
unlocking the mysteries of heaven,
to hold it we must, place all our trust,
and choose to become all in one,

in all that we do, i always choose you,
and reach for your heart in my hand,
fall to me dear, i'm so very near,
i'll catch you in all that i am,

our dream is now set, in all we have met,
i place the ring of my heart,
onto your hand, a delicate band,
to remind you of me while apart.

Christmas eve

Kennedi playing Christmas music.
Ellie on the couch while we read the Christmas story in Luke 2.


Monday, December 22


Kennedi and I at the Apple store getting her iTouch replaced

More pictures from the Season :)

Some more pictures :) pictures of me taking pictures :)
Me ready to play Santa at the Wilson family reunion! 
I was nervous but excited and it went well and was lots of fun!


a little girl, now woman grown,
full of light, all her own,
a child of love, from up above,
in spirit pure, just like a dove,
a heart with wings, the angel sings,
healing now, to all she brings,
can i hold, this celestial one?
or is she more, than this son?
i love her beyond, all i see,
can she be, my eternity?
please dear God! show me how,
to earn her all, win her now,
one little girl, a woman fine,
i'll give my life, to make her mine.

Sunday, December 21

tonight i'm alone

tonight i'm alone
far from my home
no one around
only my sound
if letting me go
you only know
to keep sanity
if that is the key
no one will claim
my sacred name
none finding fault
take me or naught
if it is not you
there's nothing to do
i'll drift in the night
i'll say it's alright
never to blame
or casting of shame
a burden you see
i'm even to me
for thus it was set
my private debt
to pay on my own
flesh over bone
hard in the morn
on me i adorn
inside i belong
rigid and strong
but now it's not so
inside my echo
i type in the cold
in desire untold
it's me on my own
tonight i'm alone

Saturday, December 20

Ward Christmas Breakfast :-)

We had our ward Christmas breakfast this morning!
Here are some pictures of the people that I love!