Wednesday, July 30

My Grandmothers

This last weekend I got to see two of my three grandmothers. Three you ask? Because one is adopted out of love. The first here is my Grandma Babbitt at 98 years old. She still gets around well with her walker and doesn't seem much different than when I saw her last about 15 years ago. She is a wonderful wonderful lady and I am so glad I made the trip to see her again. I love her so much and when we arrived I headed straight for her and gave her a long over due hug and tears were shed. I gave her many hugs this day and held her hand as we sat for hours enjoying the reunion together.

This is my 90 year old adopted Grandma Givens. She has always been every bit of a grandma to me as any other. We grew up knowing her as Grandma and nothing else. My mother was adopted (not legally) into the Givens family after meeting Kay at college. Kay brought my mother Dianna (but everyone called her Cricket) home and the bonds of love took over and Cricket was forever a part of the Givens family and as such, so were we. And if you ever doubt how firmly the Babbitt family was engraved on the hearts of the Givens family and vice-versa, just look at the cross-stitching on Grandma's wall that shows all the kids and grand-kids, you will see Lonnie and Cricket and all us kids listed right along side all the Givens kids. It doesn't get more official than that. When I think of Grandma's house, my first thoughts go to Grandma Givens. I love her to pieces!!! I held her in many hugs this day - oh, how they were long over due!

I do not have a picture right now of Grandma Clements, I will add that later when I get a chance.

Tuesday, July 29

Day of Days

This past weekend I took the family to Boise, the town I grew up in from age 11. We drove to Rupert Idaho, the hometown of my father, to attend the Babbitt reunion. It had been over 15 years since I had seen most of these people, including my 98 year old grandmother. My grandfather had passed away a year after my father died in 1984. While at my mothers, I looked through old photo albums and captured a few pictures that I needed. This is one of them

I remember this day like it was yesterday. The grey casket of my father, my grey suit, my mother receiving the flag for my father's service in the military. It was a day of days. 

Thursday, July 24

Newest addition to the family

Now Shanna has her own 4 wheeler :)

Touring LDS

This week I was able to take a tour of a few of the LDS facilities in SLC and take my boss to see many of the ways the church strives to help the people of the world. The visit was a huge success. My boss came away with a great appreciation for the church and all that it does for the lives of so many. It was a wonderful day and we didn't even get to see many of the things we had planned or wanted to see - which means that another visit will have to occur in the near future.

The first visit was to the LDS Humanitarian Center. This is where thousands of tons of clothing is prepared and shipped all over the world to people in need. The workers here are from refugee camps around the world and while here spend 50% of their time working and 50% of their time being trained in skills that will allow them to enter the workforce wherever their future takes them. The church pays them for 100% of their time, work and study. There are about 125 employees at any given time and they stay for about 3-12 months before being placed into outside employment with one of the many companies the church partners with for placement.

The Humanitarian Center focuses on 7 problems in the world: Wheelchairs, Vision Care, Immunization, Neonatal Resuscitation, Clean Water, Emergency Response, ATMIT (basic nutrition)

The black dots on the map are the countries that are helped by LDS humanitarian efforts.

We also visited Welfare Square which provides assistance to families who are facing challenges.

These are filled with wheat.

Making bread.

We visited one of the Deseret Industries stores.

The church produces most of the goods provided through the welfare department and the bishop storehouse. Here they are making cheese.

And one of the bishop storehouses.

Sunday, July 20

What lingers?

"The night is quiet, and getting quieter; and such is life I suppose," said the soft old man breathing wounded in his chest. He wrapped himself tightly in a young stiff coat. He heard above him the echo of the wind in the leaves of the trees, a whisper of the heavens; he felt nothing on his skin, but labored beneath it.

'The morrow,' he thought. 'The morrow will come, and with it a crushing blow. And what does it matter, for this reason or that, for soon it will go, and become yesterday you know...He laughed, halfheartedly, and realized how tired he had become.
"The world is too much with us, late and soon..."
The words lingered all around him...


I hate the word.

Saturday, July 12

Camping at Jackson Lake

Camped at Jackson Lake last night, overall it was a success. We got there and setup camp, had lunch, and then jumped on the boat the Nalens had rented. All the kids got a ride on the tube and then I was about to do my solo when the boat broke down. So we then just waited for about an hour till the park rangers towed us across the lake and then debated with the rental office to convince them that it was not "operator error." The lake was nice and warm so that was cool, BUT I have never swam in water that was THAT filled with algea. I mean it was like algae soup out there, it was almost like swimming through grass it was so thick. But hey we did it :)

Here is me cooking breakfast this morning, eggs and bacon

We were just talking by the fire, the night was really nice, I never played anything, just practiced my cords mostly.

Katie and Kennedi

Dunno there are a lot of pictures that I really just don't like at all the way I look in them, this is one of them. Not good - but hey... what ya gonna do, Carter looks good.

This was this morning, still trying to wake up and stretch my back a little, it didn't like the air mattress for some reason.

Ellie found a tiny frog on this trail.

From Gene to Dad

This picture was made by my uncle Gene and shared with the family today. His note with the image was:
"Lonnie, was my older brother. He passed away 30 years ago. He was the kind of brother that everyone would love to have. He set the example of what every son, brother, father and husband should be. There was nothing that meant more to him than his family. I really miss you bro. You are my Hero"

Pink Floyd - New Album - October 2014

This IS the greatest news since 1994!

Tony Grove

Playing in the lake at Tony Grove with all the families