Sunday, September 14


in a tiny sacred box,
buried deep within,
i tuck away the things,
that hurt under my skin.

a rosewood crafted vault,
full of dream's desire,
sitting behind a lock,
forged in passion's fire.

what will once become,
what will ever be,
what is one to do,
with such a one as me?

time has long forgot,
the distance of the fall,
but it is close and near,
to a boy who feels it all.

a crowded little box,
he tucks it all away,
and lives there all alone,
a land called yesterday...

Friday, September 12

I do not deserve the Atonement.

Every day I wake up and feel the weight of mortality. Every night I feel the immense gulf between God and man created by the fall (Mormon 9:12). Every weekday I walk out into a world that is totally at odds with who and what I am. Every evening I return home to raise a family when I have yet to be raised myself (Acts 13:37). Every weekend I serve God in a calling for which I have been untrained, and for which I am unskilled. Always I hear the question in my soul, "Father, where art thou?" (D&C 121:1) Even as I feel Him in my heart (D&C 9:8) and see Him everywhere I look (Matt 5:8). For I miss Him.

I do not deserve (Ezra 9:13) the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I look at my life and the credit goes to God. He gave me my gifts (James1:17), He gave me my weaknesses (Ether 12:27). All the good that has ever come into my life is because I chose the love of God, and to love others, and He blesses me (Moroni 7:12-13), and all the evil (Moroni 7:17) that has ever come into my life is because I have chosen (Moses 3:17something other than His love (John 14:15), or because this life is simply (and immaculately) designed to give us tribulation (John 16:33) and experiences (D&C 122:7) of opposition (2 Nephi 2:11) to God.

So if I do not deserve the Atonement, why is it offered me (2 Nephi 26:27)? It is because God has determined that my worth is great (D&C 18:10). And often I ask why? Why does He love me so and why is my worth great unto Him? And the answer is both simple and clear, and infinitely deep to depths my finite mind struggles to reach - because I am His son, and He loves me (1 John 4:7-12).

Therefore, even as I sink into waves of tribulation each day, I accept His love. In gratitude and humility, and in tears like unto Peter, I cry to His son Jesus, "Lord, save me." (Matt 14:30).

And I believe He will.

Thursday, September 11

In the mountains

I am very excited for autumn and the hint of winter... 
two days at Copper Mt ski resort for company meetings will do that :) 
time to wax the snowboard!!!

Saturday, September 6

Flying in the clouds

I don't love that I have to travel most weeks for work, but one must always find and count ones blessings for there are many. One of the marvelous things I get to experience is seeing the world from the sky, one of my favorites is when we can fly right though the clouds. Someday I will live there, with you!

Monday, September 1

Pictures of Today

Marie and Virgil wedding anniversary, French breakfast and pastries, Red Rocks, a bee on my new flowers (I always like seeing bees on my flowers) and Bella the neighbors dog who I always pet through our broken fence and she loves me for it!

All reasons to smile today!

Saturday, August 16

Backyard Project - New Planting Area

Weeks back, I start in on a new backyard project. I am going to change this:
Into a new walled garden or flower area, so the massive root system of that bush and I are going to have a little showdown. Smart money is on the MountainMan >:)

I dug around the root system with a shovel and then needed to borrow Ron's pic to get really aggressive!

The pic made quick work of it but yeah I got sweaty

In the process of leveling out the ground

With the ground leveled, I forced some manual labor on the kids :)

And started to lay the wall.

Had to borrow Ron's saw and buy a diamond blade to cut some bricks for the wall edges and also the rounded corner. Also had to lay sprinklers, put in 3 new heads.

Then filled the area with about 5 inches of new soil and compost mixture, and put a construction adhesive under the capstones and now we are ready to plant some vegetables or flowers!

Planted the new area today. Some Climatus (that blooms big blue flowers) on a trellis to hide some house wires. Some Mums for color (red, yellow, purple) and some ground cover (Fleabane) line the house with green (and protect the roots of the Climatus who likes cool roots) some ornamental grass (Rubrum) for some visual edginess, the last step will be to add red bark once I am satisfied that we have all the plants we need (still thinking on that) ...

This is fun :)


Take me out to the ball game!

Last night we hit the Rockies game, compliments of work. Great seats and free food! Great weather and great company! I love going to the games but not really for the games, just for the whole experience of the ballpark, the friends, the energy, the fun!

Friday, August 15

Lot's o Babbitt's

Finally getting around to posting the pictures from our trip to Burley ID (by way of Boise) for the Babbitt reunion. The order of these pictures is a bit messed up, but I'm not going to worry about that right now.

Mom and I at Dad's grave.

Me n my 98 year old grandma, she is super sweet and I miss her a lot. She canned about 35 jars of jam to be auctioned off at the reunion, I bought 5 jars :) no, I couldn't bring them home on the plane, but I bought them anyway and left them with my sisters. I LOVE homemade jam!!! I should learn to make it, and can peaches!

Always holding her hand as we sat together during much of the reunion.

Grandma Givens - when I hear the word grandma, my first thoughts go to her and this place.

Lots of hugs were exchanged this day, and some tears.

Sitting with grandma and my favorite aunt Wendy

Uncle Milton (my dad's oldest brother) and Uncle Vern (the next oldest brother)

Uncle Alan doing the kids auction

I love this dear woman, I need to spend so much more time with her.

Aunt Wendy put together picture boards of lots of family pictures.

The flight from Denver to Boise with Shanna

Grandma Givens, the adoption into the Givens family occurred when my mom met Kay (pictured later) at college and Kay had never had a sister so they became best friends and Kay brought my mom (always known as Cricket back then) home with her and BAM! the rest is history as they say, from then on, she was family and so were we. Grandma even has a cross-stitch hanging on her wall showing the full extended families and the grandkids and so forth and right there on the wall just like any other family you will see "the Babbitt's" it doesn't get any more offical than that! We are Givens'

Having lunch at Bodacious Pig BBQ in Eagle

Shanna's BBQ nachos were awesome!

Playin the pool with the family

I was a force to be reckoned with in splashing the nieces and nephews 

These two little guys are just TONS of fun

Brayden dropping Mason into the pool while I do a handstand :)

Crystal, me, Mom (love the yellow :)

Donuts and silliness

Ellie, Uncle Randy (my favorite uncle who laughs all the time, super funny, love him tons) his new fiance (Darlenne died just over a year ago and that was very sad she was a sweetie) Wendy and Uncle Gene who probably looks most like Dad. I didn't get individual pictures with some of these folks and that makes me feel sad, i was too busy talking and enjoying the fact that I was seeing these people again after so long, but I wish I had gotten more and better pictures. 

Meeting cousins that I never knew

Aunt Wendy, LOVE her, so many of the Babbitt clan love to laugh, I love this and Wendy and Randy are two of the best!

Aunt Ilene on the left in the colors, she is a riot

Aunt Lori on the left in the blue (married to Alan) says to my family when we first arrive. 
"You know, your dad had a crush on me when he was a little boy."
Everyone laughs, my kids look at me with smiles, I am a little embarrassed but I have to admit that to the best of my recollection this was probably true. 
And I respond and say, "Yeah true, but now it's the other way around isn't it." 
She laughs, a bit embarrassed and we all laugh even harder. It was pretty funny. 

Is it just me or does that river look WAY TOO green?

I should have taken way more pictures of the nieces and nephews (this is Paris)

One of my all time favorite pictures of Grandpa and Grandma Givens. I rode those same motorcycles a lot growing up in Idaho.

This was Great Grandma Givens' home. I remember as a very young boy going to this house. My memories of this are as faded and antiqued as this picture but they are real, they are mine, and they are special to me. It wasn't long before they tore it down after great grandma died and grandma and grandpa givens built a new home in it's place, and this new home is the house that grandma Givens still lives in (during the summer - in the winter she goes to AZ)

Great Grandma Givens, I never met her husband, he had already past away.

What a cute couple!

Grandpa was very handy, he built a plane in the garage, I helped him a couple times.

Uncle Kim and Aunt Kay (the one who brought us into the Givens clan by adopting my mom). Love the yellow dress :)

Feeding grandma's chickens. As a boy we would kill chickens each year at grandma's. Probably about 50 or so and everyone would be stocked up on chicken for a little while. I would LOVE to have a home with some land some day so that I could have chickens and horses!

Gathering eggs.

Isn't my grandma just adorable!!!

Easter picture that I took a picture of from my mom's photo album.

These pictures were taken shortly after dad died.

Growing up on 30 acres means laser tag on dark nights with friends. (Vaughn, one of my very best friends, me, Andy, Jason, Lance (Vaughn's younger brother), Todd (my younger brother).

Kennedi and Andra - we all did some country swing danging this night, wish I had more pictures of that, danced with both of these girls and my older sister Corinna who couldn't stop laughing. It was tons of fun.