Friday, August 21

Temple square

Lay week I took some coworkers on a tour of temple square. I really feel blessed when I can spend work time explaining the church

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Thursday, June 25


Ellie: Have you and mom talked about if I get Kennedi's old iPod yet?
Me: No not yet
...those first two lines repeat throughout the night about 100 times and brings us to this...
Ellie: When are you guys going to talk about it?
Ellie: Please will you talk to mom?
Me: Ellie if you ask me that one more time tonight you will never get that iPod for as long as you live.
...Ellie looks stunned...
Me: How's that sound?
...a long pause...
Ellie: A little harsh.

A week ago Carter was complaining to Brayden that there are TWO dances at EFY, he wasn't excited. So tonight after EFY...

Carter: I loooooooove the EFY dances!
Me: Yeah?! That's awesome!
Carter: Yeah, they are so great!
Me: Yeah why?
(I knew the answer of course)
Carter: Because you get to dance with girls!
Me: Um.... Yeah!
...I'm glad he's a believer now :)

Monday, June 8

Trip with Brayden to Boise

The girls didn't want me to take their picture so they would run into the room and dash away as soon as I took my camera out to snap one of them, was very fun!

I had her trapped, but eventually she had to just flash those big blue Paris eyes at me to get me to let her go (for a little bit anyway :)

Miss you dad

I dare you to try to find a cuter picture than this! Can't be done :)

Sleeping beauty :)