Sunday, December 14

__________________ horizon __________________

tonight... this is the song in my soul.


so much am I

When looked upon, so much am I,
into the deep of starry sky,
beyond the pull of ancient past,
and stuck on foot, I linger last,
a universe contained in we,
as vast as all or'head I see,
the cold, the void, outside my reach,
the warmth, the blood, inside of each,
I feel the draw of Providence,
my echo she, in love's brilliance.

Saturday, December 13

Basketball with the boys

I love playing basketball! I lived for it as a kid. I have SO many memories of Saturday morning pickup games with Vaughn, Doug, Andy, Jason, Lance, Todd, and many others who would meet at the church building and play from about 7am till 11am. We would run nonstop and play and play and play and it was awesome and we were great friends. Afterwards we would hit the local gas station and grab a chocolate milk or soda and powdered raspberry filled donuts or some other snack or two or three. So I always wanted to share this with my boys someday but they are not super into basketball so the opportunity to do this has been limited (I actually blame myself for this). But on this day I got to live a dream and play for about 2-3 hours with my sons and show them what their old man can still do (which is MUCH less than I used to be able to do :( but it was still very fun!)
Me shooting over Austin Mackay
Brayden shooting over Parker
Ron and his son Austin facing off
Sam Stevenson being guarded by Carter
Carter getting a reboud
Parker taking a shot
Carter shooting
Aaron shooting over Sam
me guarding Austin
Parker going down after some contact - all smiles and laughs
Ron just before squaring up for a jump shot
Austin driving in

Thursday, December 11

Wednesday, December 10

Kennedi loving people

Kennedi and Carter went to the assisted living home to sing and bring cheer and love to others. Kennedi loved it and Carter liked it. This is Marion the librarian who Kennedi enjoyed getting to know. We hope to go back so that Kennedi can introduce me to Marion :) I would like to meet her. 

Sunday, December 7

LDS Christmas Devotional

Watching the devotional

Grandma playing with the Perplexus

Grandpa's turn

Now Grandma tries the "EPIC" version :)

Kennedi and I goofing off at the mansion

Saturday, December 6

Mom with some of the grandkids

My wonderful sisters

I love them!!!!!!!

Work dinner with leadership

Mike Wood (my bosses boss, leads the Western US), 
Edwin Jongsma (my boss, leads the Southwest region)

Aziz Verani (leads all of the Americas, and is Mike's boss),
John Lee (leads the capability groups for Southwest region),
Darren Hardman (leads delivery for North America)

Ron's bday party

Banister project complete :-)

and new carpet :)
Shanna did an AWESOME JOB on this project!

Pictures from Thanksgiving

Pie night with the Mackays!!!!!!!!!!! (the night before Thanksgiving :)

Starting to prepare the table for the feast!

It's coming along well :)

The kids are assembled while the food is starting to come to the table :)

What a crew!

My brother Todd and his beautiful wife Kat! I love them! And love that they live so close!

Girls and games :)

Taking pictures at the mansion

Carter "take 1"

Carter "take 2"

Family pictures "the other Babbitts" as we refer to them as :)

Kennedi and Logan

This was good, but more painful than it needed to be, (pain not pictured :)

Kids goofing off afterwards... I don't really know what they are doing :) but they are smiling and happy so I don't really need to know :) lol!
All done, let's go home!