Saturday, March 19


I grabbed a few of the pictures from the slideshow...

i love this picture of our family, i miss you dad


one of my favorite pictures of them, oh how i miss them!

they loved to fish, together

Steve and Nadine and their kids, my cousins

while i was on my mission, my grandpa Givens past away, it was a very sad day to me, although he and i were not very close, we cared about each other tenderly, i knew he did, and i loved him very very much and he was the closest thing i had to a father after dad died

a day of killing chickens, it was a whole family endeavor and a wonderful memory of my childhood

so very sweet, makes me laugh at the goodness of them, and cry that they are gone

Larry, Guy, Steve, Kay (my mothers best friend in their early twenties)

i love this picture

this was their home and my very young memories of them are in this house, they eventually built a new home and this house became Guy and Julie's, great grandma on the right had a white home, small, simple, with a enclosed porch and i have a few delicate cherished memories of visiting her there

our family and grandma and grandpa at a park near Lake Tahoe in NV

my dear parents, who i love with all my heart

i loved riding motorcycles at grandmas

i love seeing my father smile

grandma, kay, and grandpa... this would have been about the time my mother came into the Givens family (born into the Clements family of course, but taken in by the Givens)

someday i hope to know every story of everyone in this picture...

i was on my mission when this was taken

this would have been shortly after my dad died, Steve (far left) and I were never close, he is a strong, bold, man but one never felt safe around, he tried to drown me in a hot springs on a father and sons trip (he didn't take me, grandpa did) and i am sure he would say he knew i would be just fine, but the closest i ever felt to drowning was that day in the pool as he held me under and scared me terribly, i was not nice when finally i successfully fought my way out of his grasp and to the surface, i cussed him up and down with the mouth of a sailor to the shock of the others in the pool (words I'm not proud of) - Guy (far right) was a smart and quirky man who I felt ok around but was never close to, but I liked him. Larry (middle right) was the uncle that I associated with most, but still my time with him was very limited - and of course Grandpa, well... just a perfect Grandpa in every way. I wish I had had so much more time with him. I feel the moments are cherished, but brief.

grandma's garden in which i spent a lot of time helping, mostly picking raspberries - eating one or two for every one that made it into the basket for grandma to make home-made jam with, so very yummy!

chicken killing day

another favorite picture

and one of my all time favorite pictures!

it is SO incredibly sweet to me that the Givens family took my mother in and never looked back, from day one she was family, and therefore... us too. It is one of the sweetest miracles of my life, those who love my mother, and I will forever be grateful in the most tender way for their love of her